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"Welcome one another, just as Christ has welcomed you." Romans 15:7



“It’s the soldier’s soul that sustains him. Without the chapel there would be limited opportunities to exercise your soul or spiritual life, thus reducing your overall wellness.”
George Marshall.

What started out in November 2003 as a Chaplain’s idea to draw more people to the Chapel, has “exploded beyond anyone’s original concept.” Originally the Chapel began in a tent which has now graduated to a new building that opened its doors on June 17th. The old one served its purpose well. However the noise level from the air conditioning units was very distracting; it was also extremely dusty and hard to keep clean. The new Chapel is quieter, cleaner, better appointed and much more conductive to meaningful worship.

This Chapel is also home of “Holy Joe’s Café.”
An outreach program of Chaplain Timothy M. Sturgill who developed the idea as a way of providing the troops at Sather Air Force Base with a place where they can socialize, receive emotional and spiritual support in a relaxed atmosphere before and/or after the tension of being on duty.
Camp Sather is named in memory of SSgt Scott Sather , the first Airman to give his life in Operation Iraqi Freedom .

When Ch. Sturgill began this effort, he thought he might be serving 100 cups of coffee and tea per week.

The concept has attracted many more service members than he thought initially. He is currently serving 3000 cups per week.

Our Congregation has learned that coffee and tea are in very short supply in Iraq. Ch. Sturgill has purchased supplies for the “Coffee House” with his own money and donations from the troops. Our church has sent several cartons of tea and coffee from various corporations.

Read about Holy Joe's on the UCC website. Click here.

We want our Armed Forces to know we care about them.


I am writing you on behalf of Trinity UCC, Marengo, IA, and am so sorry to be
so slow in responding to your letter asking for assistance with your coffee project. My husband, David and I continue to be active at Trinity in various roles. Most recently, we have been responsible for sorting the mail, as we currently have an interim pastor who is serving only half-time, and, as church treasurer, I need to get the bills on a full-time basis.

When I saw the envelope from Holy Joe's with the UCC Coffee Project logo,
I was intrigued and snatched the letter to read. Amazing project !! I discussed it with my Sunday School class at Trinity, and we (the 6 and only kids we have in Sunday School, and myself) decided to serve Easter breakfast before worship service with the proceeds to be donated to your project. Our pastor was thrilled with the idea.

Our Trinity is a very small country church located in rural eastern Iowa. Our attendance has declined to an average of about thirty folks at a regular worship service. But, having said how small we are, I now need to tell you that we raised $300.00 from our "boiled" omelets Easter. I can promise that we will strive to do periodic fund raisers for you and we are keeping your project and the folks it serves in our prayers.

We have served and sold fairly traded coffees and other products from the UCC Coffee Project at Trinity for a number of years, and I was thrilled to hear of your using fairly traded products to meet this need!

Thank you so much for taking on this incredible project and for letting us know about it! It is truly an important mission.

Karen Heitmann
Trinity UCC
Marengo IA 52301

We Remember Our Soldiers