Brynn Slicer

Brynn Slicer is a sophmore at the University of New Haven. She is majoring in National Security Studies with a minor in Russian. She is originally from Newark, Delaware, but is now a Resident Assistant for UNH and living in New Haven.

Many of us met Brynn this summer while we were in Cedar Grove, West Virginia for our Mission Trip. Brynn was serving as the Crew Manager, one of the "Red Shirt" positions with Group Mission Trips. We were impressed by her calm and helpful nature during some challenging circumstances.

When the committee interviewed Brynn, they appreciated her obvious maturity, her ability to creatively articulate her answers, and her variety of experiences and training. They believe her to be an excellent leadership choice for our Youth Ministry program.

Brynn will be working with the Director of Youth Ministry and our Senior High Youth Group.

We are so excited to welcome Brynn to Wallingford and our Youth Ministry Team.

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