Exciting Progress on our New Heating System

After countless hours of research and consideration, the Board of Trustees has approved a $386,075 contract with CT HVAC, Inc. to replace our heating system. After adding 20% for unexpected occurrences and cosmetic repairs once the job is completed, the total estimated cost for the project is $463,290.

The new heating system is currently being installed, and we are making great progress. Demolition of the old system began the week of August 6, and the entire project is anticipated to take about 12 weeks, being completed in November.

The old steam pipes have been removed from the sanctuary.  There is considerable work being done in Congregational Hall and the Guild Room.  New piping is being laid along the ceilings. 

Recently, a giant crane parked in our parking lot lifted heavy condensers onto the roof. 


We will be installing a high efficiency system. There will be a hydronic system for the Sanctuary, running on dual gas boilers.

There will be a separate heat pump system for Congregational Hall and the Annex, which will be electric. The heat pump system has the advantage of offering air conditioning. The majority of the distribution system will be replaced.

Be aware as you are moving about the church that there will be construction during the next several weeks, so be careful. Thank you!

This 1925 penny was found in the sanctuary as they were removing the old steam pipes. The first penny towards funding this project?

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