Catch the Spirit Sunday

September 10, 2017 was Catch the Spirit Sunday, our celebratory kick-off to another exciting program year.  This year, our worship service featured a magical minister, The Rev. David Reed Brown.  He is both a minister and a magician!

Our guest kept the children and adults enthralled and spirit-filled throughout the service.  Magic was shown to have a deep connection to faith and belief. 

The Praise Band helped us Catch the Spirit with their uplifting music.

Following the 10:00 a.m. worship service, activities and fellowship were shared on the Parade Ground on a perfect Sunday morning.  Many enjoyed our traditional hot dogs, chips and ice cream.  Displays by the Boards and Committees showed the many ways to be involved in the life and community of our church.

Catch the Spirit! It's more than just the name we give the second Sunday after Labor Day, the start of our Church School year and the beginning of our faith formation program activities each year.

Each September, as we welcome new families and welcome back returning ones, we give thanks for the variety of ways that the spirit is alive in our midst and the opportunities we have to share together as individuals and families.

Our all ages approach to faith formation reminds us that – when the spirit is alive in our midst - we are all learning and growing together. Catch the Spirit and keep the excitement vibrant and together we can learn, sing, share, build friendships and reach out in love.

We hope you and your family will catch the spirit here every Sunday and during the week as well.

Be sure to join us in the magical and spirit-filled year to come!

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