Wallingford Workcamp Team 2018

The Wallingford Workcamp Team 2018 project is well underway and gathering momentum, but still needs your help!

Our church, in partnership with the non-profit Group Mission Trips, will be hosting a work camp here in town from July 8-14, 2018.  

The mission of the Wallingford Workcamp Team is to help under-served local families, providing close to 75 residents in the community with needed home repairs.

We expect 440 youth and adults from all over the country to come to Wallingford for this mission.  They will stay at Sheehan High School.  

This work camp will also provide the Town of Wallingford with the opportunity to study emergency preparedness practices.

We need your help as a community team member!

If you have links to any community groups or businesses that may be willing to assist with volunteers or funds, please reach out to our group's public relations leaders Karen Blakeslee (k.blakeslee@sbcglobal.net, 203-589-8633) or David Wells (detawells@sbcglobal.net, 203-599-5422) or to anyone else in the group.

To learn more about this project, visit the Wallingford Workcamp 2018 site at Wallingford Workcamp Team.

July 8-14, 2018 will come up fast!  

This is a wonderful opportunity to serve God and our neighbors; please join us in whatever capacity you can.  Check back to see how you can help as our planning moves ahead.

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