Advent and Christmas 2017

In a culture of fear... In a world of uncertainty ...
We need to be reminded...

We are flying in the face of fear for Advent this year.

The angels that appear in the story of Jesus' birth would have been very comfortable in our world of tweets and hashtags. Their messages were often short and to the point—their favorite line being: #DoNotBeAfraid.

We, too, are called to be messengers of the Good News.

The stories of the angel visits to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds at Jesus' birth will offer us inspiration to incorporate less fear and more goodness into our own lives and therefore, into the lives of all we touch.

Sharing the stories of angels can be a dangerous proposition. Angels in scripture are anything but cute. Most often make surprise appearances, bringing a wake-up call and life altering messages from God. Hence the familiar phrase when they appear, "Do not be afraid."

This Advent and Christmas season, we will focus on the angels that appear in scripture, seeing them as messengers from God communicating what we need to hear. We will visit our own propensity for fear, get some perspective, and be empowered for new life in the new year.

We will explore how in our time, we are being called to become the "angels among us," who deliver messages to the world about the hope, peace, joy, and love we know as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

We will fly in the face of the fears that overwhelm and control our lives. We will seek ways to offer more hope, more peace, more joy, and more love in a hurting and divided world.  We will turn and sing towards the light of God.

Because angels are often depicted with wings, our anchor image will be feathers, particularly white feathers. This image will not only remind us of the angel visitations to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds, but will also keep us mindful that through the Incarnate Christ, Emmanuel, "God with Us," we too are watching and waiting for the presence of God and the call of God on our lives as messengers in our time.

Please join us each week for worship, particularly at the 10:00AM service. There will be beautiful music, visually stimulating imagery, and a worship liturgy to inspire you amidst the holiday rush.

We pray this time together will enrich your experience of the season.

We hope you will join us for messages of: #morehope, #morepeace, #morejoy, #morelove... and ultimately #morelife.

Click below for a listing of all of our worship services during this Advent and Christmas season.

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